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What sports are offered at AFCS?

America's Finest TK-8 participates in two competitive leagues for each of our sports programs. 


1) Jackie Robinson Family YMCA 

2) Western Athletic Conference (WACL)


Volleyball (middle school, co-ed) 

Flag Football (middle school, co-ed)


Soccer (elementary, co-ed; middle school, co-ed)

Basketball (middle school, co-ed)

Year Round

Jiu Jitsu (high school, co-ed) 

We are actively seeking expansion of our High School sports offerings and are working on application to CIF to provide our students the best possible experience. 

Current Schedule(s):

Tim Bagby

Athletics Director 

Mr. Tim Bagby serves as the athletics director for America's Finest Charter School. 

All questions regarding our athletics program can be directed to him at his work email:

Schedules & Results Soccer 2024

MS Boys

  • January 11 vs Foothills  

  • January 16 vs Calvary Christian

  • January 19 vs Ocean View Christian

  • February 2 vs Literacy First

  • February 7 vs High Tech Chula Vista

Screen Shot 2024-01-09 at 1_04_21 PM.webp

MS Girls

  • January 17 vs The Rock

  • January 26 vs Literacy First

  • February 2 vs High Tech Mira Mesa (A)

  • February 7 vs High Tech Chula Vista

Elementary Boys

  • January 10 vs High Tech Mira Mesa

  • January 11 vs Calvary Christian

  • January 23 vs High Tech 

  • January 25 vs The Rock

  • January 30 vs The Rock


Elementary Girls

  • January 18 vs Calvary Christian

  • February 1 vs The Rock

  • February 2 vs High Tech

  • February 6 vs The Rock


Contact the Athletics Director for
America's Finest Charter School with the button below.

Commitment to Equity

We are committed to equitable opportunities for our student athletes. The following are our numbers for the 2023-2024 school year for our TK-12 athletics programs:

4-6 grade boys basketball: 10 boys

4-6 grade girls basketball: 10 girls

6-8 grade boys basketball: 9 boys

6-8 grade girls basketball: 5 girls

High School boys basketball: 11 boys

4-6 grade boys soccer: 23 boys

4-6 grade girls soccer: 13 girls

6-8 grade boys soccer: 30 boys

6-8 grade girls soccer: 5 girls 

6-8 grade co-ed volleyball: 17 girls, 5 boys

6-8 grade co-ed flag football: 3 girls, 20 boys

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